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I have reported ABC to the better business bureau, they took out monthly fees out of my checking account twice in one month with no authorization to do so, causing me to have become negative and be charged insuffecient funds. I called this company regarding the problem and they assume NO responsibility, REALLY????

My gym closed their doors with no notice and transferred me to a gym no where near my house, they changed the dates and the amount they take out of my checking account with no notice. This company is a SCAM!!!!!! I had to email them to remove my checking account as if talking to customer service is not enough!!!!!! I am truly pissed and reported fradualant activity at my bank and have contacted my attorney, funny this isnt their first time being reported for such behavior, i am happy to say my attorney will be sending them a copy of my original contract to show they have no grounds to stand on.

I will keep submitting complaints until my money has been returned!!!!

NEVER use a gym that uses this company!! Customer service sucks!!

Review about: Gym Membership.

Monetary Loss: $200.

ABC Dynamic Fitness needs to reorient their obviously ignorant employee

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My membership was due for renewal in January and since I haven't been back to the gym for the last couple of months, I decided I was not going to renew it. So I called in December to inform them about the cancellation once my contract expired.

The employee I spoke to (whom I regret remembering the name) assured me that a note had been made and I didn't need to do anything after. I verified again just to be sure if there was anything I needed to sign for cancellation and again, I was assured that my membership would be cancelled in January. Sometime in April I went through my credit card bills and found out that I was still being charged to date. So I called and spoke with the manager and told them they obviously made a mistake and asked for a refund.

The manager refused to give my money back as it is in their policy.

They should make an exception if they made a mistake because it was not my fault that their employee didn't know what he was talking about and gave me a wrong information that caused me $156. If they are strict with their policy, then they should make sure that their employees get proper orientation so they prevent robbing people of money they don't deserve to have.

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